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The HM45 carries on Bluebird’s fine tradition of absolute reliability. TankSmith™ Technology has been added to the HM45: IP54 Sealing, 1.2m drop resistance, and scratch-immune Corning® Gorilla Glass. Crafted tougher than rough environment of yours, the HM45 is ready to answer the call of duty.

The HM45’s Dual-Core CPU processes the value-added applications without lagging slow. Such performance is only possible because of the HM45’s large battery size. The very beauty of the HM45 is its low level of battery consumption in spite of the outstanding performance. The HM45 is designed to run strong, and it runs so all day, every day.

The HM45 supports up to HSPA+, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth V4.0; now wherever you happen to be, you can transfer files or make reports in no time. For swift voice communication, just press the talk button on the left. The HM45 allows you to talk, share, and stay on top of the time, the real time too.

The HM45 is built on the most advanced and fascinating platform. When it comes down to developing value-added applications, anyone can get as creative as they want to; it is that easy on the HM45. Moreover the HM45 is extremely secure because Pidion String™ provides total control; you can stage, update, monitor, and even dispose the HM45 over the air. The Platform of Ace, that is your HM45.

We have framed the HM45 into the most popular mobile form factor. By doing so, the light and small HM45 has become the first stress-free Handheld Mobile Computer for your wrist. The most important aspect of any invention is the pleasant user experience, and the nomad HM45 is destined to provide that from the very moment you grab the HM45.

Everything projected on the HM45’s capacitive full-touch screen looks attractive and stunning. The HM45 uses the right screen size for both content viewing and mobility, and is further complemented by sunlight readability feature. Stunning and fully-touching, your HM45 type of display knows no compromise.

The HM45’s 1D/2D Scan Engine fully decodes and interprets each and every barcode, yes, the damaged or faded barcodes are not exempted. The HM45 also has the high resolution camera to capture the target scene in crisp condition during day time as well as night time. Regardless of the data format, the HM45 knows the right way to gather the intelligence you need.



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