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The Pidion BP80 rugged tablet from Bluebird is designed to serve anyone that needs to be or, is willing to be productive. The patented Eyelluminate™ display allows seamless workflow without causing any visual fatigue, showing crystal clear content in high resolution at all angles. The device has a powerful yet low energy consuming CPU and Bluetooth 4.0, combined with large battery capacity delivering industry leading, long lasting and robust performance. The lightweight BP80 has a small form factor making it easy to carry, but at the same time it is durable and elegant. The BP80 is MIL-STD 810-G compliant, has an IP65 sealing and has been drop tested to 1.2m. Connectivity and speed put the BP80 ahead of the game, with 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0LE and up to 4G LTE as well as supporting VPN and WiFi protocols. And finally, a range of peripherals for added functionality include an NFC reader, barcode scanner, IC-card reader and magnetic stripe reader.



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